Promoting musical stuff today is heavy on online processes and this has actually made all products in this trade more affordable. Outfits which used to feature the most popular bands or songs from these bands have converted to online methods. There are also new players which may work exclusively with internet platforms or resources.

Any popular song today may be downloaded to any compatible or download ready device you have. Music promotion companies may directly work for production companies or may be independent service providers for these or individual artists or bands. The digital age has made the industry have more exposure, often instant and on heavy rotation.

There is no need for broadcast channels like radio or television, not even a need for packaging songs in things like CDs. Although there are still physical copies available and which can be bought at stores, the download is the key product for all music making outfits. This means that all their services, products and order platforms can be found on the internet.

The promotion side of the creative companies can be outsourced. The premium is on those middlemen who have established themselves online. But online is not the only venue for products here, and it will include all the traditional places, locations or venues, since a lot of people still expect to see musical products in these.

However, these are getting more and more limited. Anything that has sound and can be copied is usually something that is easier to get from the internet. Also, any number of individuals can put up their own videos on the stream and provide free access to any new song, and the monetization is something that has become automatic.

Thus the promotion concern is to have any song or musical item heavily rotated on internet searches. This means they could rank their stuff in Google, or pay through the nose for having these featured top of page as ads. The settings are excellent for viewing or listening and the fee or charges are minimal when you compare it to traditional marketing expenses.

There used to be a steady supply of physical copies when a song hit or became popular. The music companies did this, manufacturing their own, which took some expense to do because factories and materials all cost a buck. No ambient materials are being used for downloads, except for the programming, use of sites, some low wattage connectivity and computer usage.

The production process is cut short for downloads. The video is filmed and cut, then it is uploaded, and this already product that could be viewed or heard many millions of times online. No need for copying it, since their clients or consumers can make copies of their own by storing these in very small and handy recording devices or direct to their phones.

The promotion work thus is not only easier, it is faster, more widespread and there is actually no need of further physical work after the upload. Everything from then on is mostly automatic, and only the consumers have to do anything to complete the process. Online promotions still belong to marketing and traditional ad companies can also have a hand in these.

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