I have always been considered a pretty romantic guy, I guess thats why I started howtogetanexbackfast.com. I lot of my girlfriends have found it endearing, and a few of them have found it downright cheesy. Nonetheless, for the most part it has worked out well for me before. Most of my relationships  have lasted a long time and been quite positive for both me and my partner. It hasn't been all effortless, however. Being a hopeless romantic requires work.

There are, of course, Valentine's Day cards to buy, romantic dinners to arrange, and all the other stuff. The most important thing, however, is also the easiest: Picking out flowers. My favorite choice has always been the single red rose. Say what you want to about violets, lilies, and other flowers – single red roses are the best. There's nothing that more succinctly expresses your love and romance than a blood red flower picked from among all of its brethren for its perfection. Love is singular, and so a single flower can often say what you are thinking more than a bouquet can.

As I discovered over time, not all single stem red roses are the same. I like going into the store knowing what I'm going to get because it allows me more opportunities to pick from among the different examples of it. Looking through a display of red rose flowers, you can see all kinds of variations. There are different strains, different sizes, and different degrees of ripeness. Some people believe that a fully bloomed flowers the best, but in my experience this isn't the case. A closed single red rose is a better present because your lover can watch it slowly open up as time passes. It will last much longer, and will give the appearance of being alive as it slowly opens and blossoms before fading away and dying.

The last time I got a single red rose was last Valentine's Day. I had planned out a particularly special Valentine's Day because I had only been seeing this girl for about six months. As a matter of fact, it was almost exactly our six-month anniversary, which made it all the more special. Rather than handing her a single red rose, I left it in her apartment along with a love poem that I composed myself. I gave her just enough time to smell the rose and read the poem and then showed up at her house. It turned out to be a great night. She loved the single red rose, and the dinner was even better.

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