Comparing Sources of Drop Shippers and Wholesalers

In this post I'm going to compare DHGate and Ali Express to Salehoo (read this Salehoo review for more detailed information about that particular paid directory) and try to provide some advice for anyone starting up a new Shopify store who's looking for new drop shippers.

DHGate and Ali Express

Ali Express and DHGate are both marketplaces for wholesalers and drop-shippers based in China, many of which sell internationally – to customers in the United States and Europe.

Drop-shipping through these two sites – especially Ali Express which integrates directly with Shopify through an app called Oberlo – is very easy it's almost automatic.

However, there are flaws – first of all the reliability of suppliers on Ali Express and DH Gate is not guaranteed; they are not even screened before being allowed to sell on these sites.

Secondly, delivery times can be very slow as most products are shipped from China and must pass through customs to enter the USA.


As a directory of certified suppliers, Salehoo offers more reliability than DHGate or Ali Express can, but it comes at a price – $67 a year.  However, membership to Salehoo can still be worth paying for as their suppliers are all guaranteed to be reliable, while there are no such promises made on the free marketplaces.

If you have the money to invest then I'd recommend trying out Salehoo, but if you're looking for a cheap and simple, if slow, way to get up and running online really easily then DHGate and Ali Express might be best for you.…

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Worldwide Brands, Doba and Salehoo – Which is the Best?

In this Worldwide Brands review I'm going to compare the market leading WWB to two more recent and highly popular wholesaler / drop shipper directories and services – Salehoo and Doba.  Both are great alternatives to Worldwide Brands, but how do they each compare?

As you will probably know already, Worldwide Brands is a directory of drop shippers and wholesalers – about 8,000 of them with more than 16,000,000 products listed in a searchable database.  All of the suppliers listed in Worldwide Brands are guaranteed to be reliable and it's the only directory that is certified by eBay.


Doba is a bit different to Worldwide Brands in two ways – first of all it's not a directory of suppliers, it's a middleman, and secondly it only does drop shipping – no wholesalers.  However, it's a very simple interface to use and it's great for beginners.  With 2,000,000 products listed Doba is much smaller than Worldwide Brands, but it's a good service fot anyone starting out who is only looking for drop shippers.


Salehoo is very similar to Worldwide Brands – in fact it's almost a copy and was founded six years later in 2005.  Salehoo has a more international focus than WWB, which is focused mainly on the Unied States and China, but most importantly, Salehoo has far fewer products listed than Worldwide Brands – only 1.5 million from the same number of suppliers.…

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