Why and How You Must Conduct a Fire Risk Assessment

The law changed in 2006 meaning fire risk assessments must now be routinely performed by all companies with premises as a legal necessity. Employers must now inspect for the probability of fire at work and apply fire precautions to identified fire hazards. If you are looking for risk management software and risk register software  then you are at the right place.

Why and How You Must Conduct a Fire Risk Assessment

This important shift puts complete responsibility for fire safety onto the companies and with local fire authorities reviewing company premises are complying with the new laws.

There is already legislation in place saying businesses must perform risk assessments generally and also a fire risk assessment follows the same principles. There are a couple of choices to go with when it concerns an appraisal except to perform yourself you need to follow the suggested procedure.

The major goal of an appraisal is to make sure all fire hazards in your assumptions are identified and steps are put in place to reduce these dangers and prevent them from causing fires.

The law does not state that you need to have qualifications or training in fire safety to perform an assessment; just an assessment needs to be done by a competent person. It's fine that you perform your own assessment as long as you have some basic understanding of fire safety, and some general sense.

I wouldn't suggest that you execute your assessment if your assumptions are large or complicated as you'd need more understanding of fire safety requirements.

It's absolutely normal for companies to undertake their own fire risk assessments if their office is small or a workplace environment. An assessment procedure is extremely simple consisting of five easy steps. …

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