Buying real estate can be a very confusing process as you start considering the purchase of a home. It is likely the biggest financial decision the average American makes in a lifetime.

That is a nice chunk of change to plop down on the table for an 800 square foot, 30-year-old condominium.

That said, buying a home in Hawaii can be a daunting task and a scary prospect for many people. The decision to buy a home in and of itself can be scary and now you have to navigate your way through mortgage options, housing options, school district issues, proximity to beaches, traffic concerns. If you want to buy any property in Hawaii then pop over to

The best way to start is to either search the internet to investigate neighborhoods and pricing or call/email a real estate professional who can ask the list of questions that need to be asked to narrow down your search and simplify the process.

  •  What neighborhoods do you like in order from best on down?
  • Choose at least 2-3 just in case what you want cannot be found in your top neighborhood.
  •  Get prequalified by your lender. What price range will you be looking at?
  • When would you like to be in your new home?

These are just a few of the questions you should ask yourself when you start looking for a home.

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