How to Remove And Replace An ATX Power Supply Unit (PSU) On Your Computer?

Replacing a PSU is not a complicated procedure to perform and we have included a few very handy tips that help make the process a simple task, even for a beginner.

Safety Advice

Even when disconnected from the mains, the internal capacitors inside a power supply unit can still hold a lethal charge so it is important to never dismantle a PSU or insert any objects such as a screwdriver into any gaps in the outer casing of the unit.

Equipment Needed

To follow the steps in this article you will need a Philips screwdriver, a digital camera, and an anti-static wristband.

1) Unplug PC & Remove Side Panel

The first step is to disconnect the PC from the mains, lay the computer on its side on a steady surface and remove the main side panel so that you have a clear view of the internal components (the side panel will usually slide off once two small screws at the back have been removed).

2) Photograph The Inside Of The PC

This is a very useful tip for any beginner as it will provide a point of reference when you come to fit a new power supply unit. With the flash enabled to take a clear photo of the internal layout of the PC so that you can clearly see the position of all wires and connectors inside (if necessary take several photos from different angles). You can browse to know more about the best wireless router.

3) Attach Anti-static Wristband and unplug connectors

The next step will involve you unplugging the various connectors from the PSU and therefore we recommend wearing an antistatic wristband to protect components from ESD (electrostatic discharge). You will be able to easily identify the PSU because it will be a square box located at the top of the case with a rather untidy mass of wires protruding from it.

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4) Remove PSU.

Now that the PSU is no longer connected to any other component inside the PC it can be easily be removed by unscrewing the four Philips screws located on the back …

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What’s New With High Speed Belkin N750 DB Wireless Dual Band Router?

Belkin was a little bit late in introducing the wireless routers with N750 wireless technology compared to its competitors such as NETGEAR (with its WNDR4000 N750 router) and Linksys (with its E4200 N750 router). The wireless routers with N750 technology deliver the high speeds up to 450Mbps in the 5GHz band and up to 300Mbps in the 2.4GHz band. What does this product do?

High Speeds

The new Belkin N750 DB supports the recent wireless 802.11n standard with simultaneous dual-band technology to allow you to connect both types of wireless clients which operate in mix frequency bands either in 2.4GHz or 5GHz bands. For maximum data rate transfer, you can connect the wireless devices which support 5GHz rather than a 2.4GHz band. The 5GHz band is relatively less interference and cleaner than the crowded 2.4GHz band. You can browse to know more about the best wireless router.

Image result for asus dual band wireless ac1900

The router includes 4xGigabit Ethernet ports for reliable and high speed wired connections. Brand new computers with gigabit NIC adapter can take advantage of the router’s gigabit ports to support the applications that demand reliable wired connection such as large data file transfer, video applications and connecting to application servers eliminating the bottleneck. Make sure to use high-performance Cat5e twisted cable that supports up to gigabit speed.

Twin USB Ports

Unlike its competitors Netgear WNDR4000 and Linksys E4200 which support only one USB port for shared storage, the Belkin N750 router includes two USB ports to let you host shared storage and printer concurrently. This is very essential in the network that is used for ‘work and plays’, eliminating the need of purchasing a wireless print server for sharing the printer. You can use the USB print and storage manager to help you manage and monitor the use of a printer, scanner, drive and other USB connected devices.

Advanced Security

Like other home wireless routers, the Belkin N750 DB supports all the security standards the router must support such as dual firewall feature (NAT & SPI) and WPA/WPA2 with WPS feature for easy configuration by just pressing a button.

Like its competitors …

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Cheap Home Security Cameras

CCTV stands for closed circuit TV and CCTV cameras have gotten important element in preventing crime. There are various kinds of video surveillance systems available on the current market, and each utilizes different kinds of cameras, based on their program.

If you want to explore more about the ‘COMPANY CCTV CCTV IP CAMERA RETAIL’ ( Which is also known as ‘บริษัทกล้องวงจรปิด CCTV IP CAMERA ขายปลีกส่ง‘ in the Thai language) then browse various online website.
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In the last couple of decades, safety cameras for your house have come a lengthy way. Today they’re considerably less expensive than previously; nonetheless, they could still be somewhat on the expensive side.

Here are a couple of things to remember whenever you’re picking out your house security cameras to get a reasonable thing.

Buy Online

Whenever you’re searching for a fantastic deal on home safety cameras, among the best places to look is online. The world wide web is really among the greatest places to locate safety cameras.

You see, lots of the internet websites that sell these cameras are in competition with other like sites, so they’re constantly hoping to provide prices which are competitive. This is a superb place to search for a whole lot.

Obviously, when you buy online, it makes it a whole lot easier to locate inexpensive home security cameras since you’ve got the capacity to swiftly have a peek at many distinct websites to obtain the best possible thing.

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Finding The Right CCTV Camera Supplier

Looking for Safety

With passing time, safety is now a significant concern for everybody. Individuals from every corner of this planet are moving through this fright. The increasing threat of terrorism and fear of being robbed anytime is the origin of the fear.

To escape out of this and tightening the safety measure the company owners along with the storekeepers are turning towards 24/7 surveillance. Various sorts of safety alarms are made to coincide with the expanding need of their safety system.

Cameras and a security DVR is truly solid today and will last numerous years, so you don’t have to purchase additional items on the off chance that one falls flat. If you are looking to protect your home or business with digital CCTV cameras then you may check out  

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The Advantages

Nowadays hardly you’ll discover a shopping mall or an office assumption where this camera isn’t installed. There are tons of advantages to having this type of camera available.

You’ll have the ability to keep track of everybody who’s entering your office or shop premises. It’s necessary that you or your safety shield be on alert all of the time. You will never know when who’s coming to you with what aim.

If you’re in charge of a workplace and you’re worried your workers aren’t working correctly, you’ll discover some solace out of installing a CCTV camera into your own office premises.

Finding the Proper service provider

It’s crucial that you locate a service supplier who suits your requirement and condition. It’s not a simple job. You’ll discover lots of such service suppliers when you begin searching. Remember to not be swayed from the vivid advertisements and large words.

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High-definition CCTV Cameras

As a CCTV installer, then you always need to obtain the very best value cameras in the marketplace. The present trends in movie products have impacted our clients’ perception of safety cameras.

Large TV manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Sony geared up the launching of 11K TV resolution, therefore it’s not a surprise that the CCTV market is also under pressure from customers, that are requiring higher definition.

Purchase a various kind of ‘HD CCTV that can replace the old camera instantly with high clarity’ (which is also known as ‘กล้องวงจรปิด HD ที่สามารถทดแทนกล้องรุ่นเก่าได้ทันทีมีความคมชัดสูง’ in the Thai language) through online reliable resources.

Image result for cctv camera

Analog CCTV cameras have faded from the marketplace. In reality, I had plenty of problems in locating an analog CCTV camera for a number of my clients.

IP cameras such as AXIS come with excellent resolution. However, the experience necessary to put in them and the cost occasionally does not suit our customers’ budget.

Analog high heeled CCTV cameras

Lately, the requirement for analog definition has gone over the top. Many producers have begun producing analog high definition CCTV cameras.

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Japanese Car Exporter For Luxury Vehicles

Japanese vehicle exporter ensures to supply high-end purchases on the net. There are assorted exporters packed on the net that might be selected by your requirements.
Choosing the luxury car could be your favorite approach to spend on your own investment. A lavish car might be selected whenever you have the majority of those driving done on 4 wheels. You can visit “ to rent a Japanese packaged car” (which is also known as租用日本包裝車” in the Chinese language).
Image result for Japanese packaged car
Strategies in Making the Ideal Buy
You want to chalk out the bunch of things before making the buy. How good is the driving? Do you take a car that can be employed for cross country driving or have short space pushes? All these are two major questions that could help with making the proper option. Japanese vehicle exporter may have such options.
Luxury features include lumbar support and higher-end chairs accessibility. It needs to have a system that’ll assist to keep the insides relaxing and cool. Air conditioning helps a lot when you’re traveling for long distance.
All these are a few of the qualities which will need to be thought about before buying through Japanese automobile exporter. Used cars from Japan have been kept in an exceptional state. A brief poll demonstrated, not much usage is found in the majority of Japan cars.
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Benefits of Buying a New Car

You will find two varieties of cars a buyer. Most buyers would rather choose the used variant while many those would like to buy the brand-new ones. These car components have their good reasons for selecting like the price.
People who have lesser prices could resort into the concept of purchasing used cars since those cars are offered at lower prices. The new car also needs to be registered so visit “ to beautifully register” (which is also known as “ เพื่อลงทะเบียนอย่างสวยงาม” in the Thai language) your car.
Image result for new cars look
To encourage the buyers to buy new cars, here are the most frequent benefits which can be got from doing so and all these are supplied below.
1. Reduced auto ownership price
One of the very crucial advantages a car finder can reach if he makes the decision to get a brand-new car may be your low ownership price.
2. Most Useful security attributes
Another benefit that investing in a brand new vehicle could provide may be the possibility to get an automobile with all the finest safety capabilities.
Recently manufactured automobiles are fabricated with all the newest safety gadgets and gear which ensure the protection of the automobile occupants.
3. Accessibility to guarantees
Purchasing a brand new car is effective since car dealerships provide guarantees for this kind of vehicle. Simply speaking, the available warranty for every single new car aids the client from incurring more expenses out of repairs.
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How To Get The Best From Your CCTV System

Whether you’re wanting to develop the security amounts on your workplace or house or you’ve got a necessity to help with a present security system in these areas, then you can’t make a mistake by choosing CCTV security system.
Video-recording gives more information in relation to an alert going off to alarm you about any intrusion
The machine options are a lot of now and you’ll need to play with your role in making the proper selection for the preferences and requirements. You can visit “ to buy the best CCTV camera” (which is also known as “ เพื่อซื้อกล้องวงจรปิดที่ดีที่สุด” in the Thai language)  in Thailand. 
Image result for cctv panasonic
1. Check your requirements
The camera lens and resolution features may play a task on the policy you become. Whenever do you know what it is you’re interested in this isn’t hard to generate a selection.
2. Pick the Best cameras
The CCTV cameras differ from size and design and they’re also provided by different brands. You are able to select a design that fits into your decor rendering it hard for your cameras to become detected.
3. Choose the Ideal Setup Places
You’re able to determine the crucial areas that want surveillance and choose the ideal location of this camera. It ought to be set up at an area that’s tricky to hinder or hard that people reinstall your cameras and sometimes cover them to hinder this record.
4. Find the Best CCTV service, supplier
Some matters are left for pros to handle along with CCTV system setup is one of the ideas you might be better off awaiting the pros. Pick a business which has a fantastic standing and enough experience for one of the very most effective services with this system.
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Car Accessories That Enhances Your Vehicle

In this era, the vehicle is one among the most precious possessions someone could have. Because of this, it’s wise to encounter a host of consumers trying to find the most up-to-date in car accessories.
If you are looking for the best car accessories in Thailand, visit
Image result for car with car accessories
Some individuals Don’t Have Any idea where to begin when searching for a brand new addition for their car, while some others tweak their car about these Chief categories of accessories:
1 )  Exterior
The very first thing a person sees every time a car ride is customized automobile accessories. Many folks prefer to create the very unique automobile outside with the addition of a range of car trimmings, for example, hood guards, customized headlight covers, window visors, and spoilers.
2 ) Interior
Once interior a car, you can find a host of car accessories which enhance the total connection with a motorist and their passengers
3) Performance
Based on the kind of vehicle possessed, a user may put the focus on rate, while the other is searching for car accessories which create their car while in motion.
6) Lighting Modes
Transforming the contour also to color and size of car light is becoming a growing tendency among car owners. This vibrant display can be found in blue, blue, red, green, also to a bright red, white, black, and blue color.
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Appointing Fantastic Organizations Electronics Recycling in IL

There are times using the best franchises is useful. Electronics recycling in IL are infusing the goals you admire. These indications are top notch where recruiting their stuff is necessary. So why not avail their intentions where situating the agendas they have become fundamental in infusing those.

Ask some references also. Speak towards some friends and relatives. They might be importing the roles you commission where advantages you scan attain these perks. These objectives are necessary where inclusion of roles you venture are availing the belongings where most agendas contain those factors also. The particulars are useful where monitoring the perks they have station the ventures where these benchmarks are attainable towards suiting their roles in approval.

See the ranks they have also. If their performances are good enough then these companies are already showing the routines where approaching their belongings stand useful. These jobs are fundamental where including the contents they have are situating the belongings you need. These rates are fundamentally including the stuff which suits these ratings so mostly these practices are laudable.

For starters you use also these who are among the internal circle. They might be cheaper also but refrain those thinking where their cheapness is only factor The things to regard then these agendas are suiting the values you consider. These jobs become necessary in attaining which goals are fundamental.

Find out also more about them where meeting them is necessary. These factors are needing the objectives where availing the things they scan are attaining the benchmarks where stationing their agendas are permissible. Why not use them also where importing the routines where these apply towards using them are obviously necessary and these routes are generally useful.

Similarly, the basics regarding the things track record is another factor. In helping lots of folks also on those long periods the uses they have become necessary where these augmentations are necessary. These objectives are scanning the goals then where most affordable perks are uncovering their ranks. The techniques where these things are monitoring the assets where venturing them thoroughly are needing these values also.

Verify on …

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