Gun safety is about more than keeping the gun locked up tightly when it is not in use or storing the gun and ammunition separately. Failing to clean a gun properly after use can interfere with its operation, putting you and anyone around you at risk when you discharge your weapon.

The main rule of gun safety is to always unload your weapon before you start cleaning it. If you want to know more about the advantages of gun safes then you can visit

Check to be certain there’s not any ammunition in the gun and eliminate its clip or magazine. Never place your finger near the trigger if disassembling the gun.

When there’s ammunition in the gun, remove it and place in a place away in the cleaning area. Cleaning solvents will ruin ammo if spilled onto it. Even better, lock the ammo at a gun storage space at the same time you wash out the gun so that nobody can get it. After unloading the rifle, keep the barrel pointed out from you.

The way of cleaning a gun changes from model to model. You need to leave the action open along with the ammunition stored separately. If the gun has a bolt, then you need to remove it before cleanup. Wipe the bolt solvent, then use a soft cloth to wash the solvent and off any grease. Dry the bolt, then apply lubricant and place aside.

You will want to clean the bore, or the interior of the rifle’s barrel. Lay a bore brush using the solvent, then wash inside the face to remove dirt. When you have scrubbed the bore, then you’ll have to remove the loosened dirt using a rag or patch.

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